International Exhibition

67 years after its foundation, the Basque Watercolor Association will celebrate the 200th GROUP EXHIBITION. It will be an International Exhibition with the participation of the Associations belonging to the E.C.W.S (European Confederation of Watercolor Societies).

The exhibition will open in Bilbao, will travel to Burgos and then return to Gasteiz and end in Donostia in 2014.


BILBAO: Foral Archive Room (May and June 2013)

BURGOS: (September, October, November)

GASTEIZ: Luis Ajuria and Araba Rooms (From November 20 to December 15)

DONOSTIA: Ondare Room (Okendo Kultur Etxea) (From May 1 to 31, 2014)


In addition to the exhibition, the Association will develop a significant number of activities:

Inauguration, Conferences, Master Class, Performance, Open House, Closing …

Crystal Walls

Watercolor on paper, 50×70 cm